Quebec City is one of the oldest cities in North America. Founded in 1608 on the banks of the Saint-Lawrence River, it’s the former capital of New France, now the capital of the Canadian province of Quebec. It’s famed for its walled Old Town listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the downtown area retains a quaint vintage vibe thanks to its grand architecture and cobblestoned streets.

Quebec City is the true soul of the province of Quebec. Here, you can enjoy the same sensations you feel when exploring historic French towns such as Carcassonne or Avignon. Head to Dufferin Terrace and stroll past heritage landmarks like Quebec Cathedral and Fairmont Château Frontenac. The maze of narrow streets in the Old Town are lined with picturesque boutiques and bistros. Quebec City offers you an enjoyable touch of nostalgia. Get ready to fall in love with the Frenchest city in Canada.

Québec City: Τι να δείτε και τι να κάνετε

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Québec City: Πού και τι να φάτε

Québec City: Πού να ψωνίσετε και τι να αγοράσετε

Québec City: Πού να πάτε και τι να κάνετε το βράδυ

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