Los Angeles is a Southern Californian city that’s best known for the eponymous Hollywood Sign. You may spot a celebrity while shopping along Rodeo Drive or sipping cocktails at stylish and legendary restaurants or bars. The city beats to its own pulse with eclectic dining spots, hip nightclubs, and chic boutiques being the highlights of a stroll through Los Angeles’ streets. You can experience live music almost any night of the week.

    Other Los Angeles icons to catch a glimpse of include the Capitol Records Building with its imposing spire. Simply hit the coast if you want to briefly escape from the bustle of the city. The beaches in Malibu and Santa Monica are where you can share a sun-drenched boardwalk space with cyclists, street vendors, and inline skaters. Stargazing at the Griffith Observatory offers a chance to take in splendid views of Downtown, Hollywood, and the Pacific Ocean afar.

    What to see & do in Los Angeles

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    Things to do in Los Angeles vary widely and go beyond just admiring its beautiful skyline and vast urban parks. Plenty of fun and action await the keen visitor beyond the Hollywood Sign and the celebrity glamour that entails. A day out at Santa Monica Pier is sure to please all in the family as does Los Angeles’ beautiful beaches. Couples and honeymooners are treated well at the city’s beautiful... Διαβάστε περισσότερα

    Where & what to eat in Los Angeles

    Dining in Los Angeles, you’ll experience some of the country’s finest offerings and even stand the chance to get a taste of what dishes Hollywood celebrities tend to order. From exclusive West Hollywood spots to legendary and flagship diners courtesy of celebrated chefs, Los Angeles is a foodie paradise that’ll treat you to a wide variety. Beyond the glitzy dining places, this vast sprawl of a city also has everything... Διαβάστε περισσότερα

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    Περισσότερες πληροφορίες για Los Angeles

    Los Angeles is truly a global city that has become famous the world over for its bright lights, big names and a mixing pot of hopes and dreams. Aside from the allure of Hollywood and its thriving film and music industry, Los Angeles is also a mecca for shoppers, foodies, beach-lovers and fitness fans. Nicknamed the City of Angels, the sprawling Californian metropolis has many diverse and ethnic neighbourhoods, from the converted Santa Monica Beach and Venice Beach hangouts to the skyscraper covered Downtown, Hollywood Hills and Sunset Strip on Beverley Hills Boulevard.


    Hanging out at the beach is a big part of city life in Los Angeles, so pick your beach well. One of the most favoured haunts of the beach bum community is Santa Monica, with its vintage pier and fabled chess park. Further south, Venice Beach is perhaps the most notorious people-watching hangout on the globe, where palm readers, folk artists, bodybuilders and chainsaw jugglers decorate the Ocean Front Walk. Two more fine stretches can be found at Manhattan Beach – a popular surf spot – and Hermosa Beach, while due south of downtown L.A. lies Long Beach, an upscale resort stuffed with marine attractions.

    Fame and fortune

    Home to the twin celebrity-fuelled engines that are Hollywood and Beverley Hills, Los Angeles is the place to come if you want a glimpse of the stars. Watched over by the iconic Hollywood Sign, this area is alive with history and celebrity. Immerse yourself in the L.A. experience – watch paparazzi hunt down the stars on Rodeo Drive or Melrose Avenue, find your idols in the legendary pink marble stars of the Walk of Fame, or rent a Mustang convertible and cruise past the celebrity mansions in Beverley Hills. In the unlikely event you don’t spot anyone famous, you can always head to Warner Bros. Studios and marvel from afar in a talk show audience.

    Outdoors and wildlife

    You might not associate outdoor activities with this buzzing global city, but there’s actually plenty to do if you fancy a taste of the great outdoors. In winter, nearby Mt Baldy Ski Resort offers skiers the chance to plough some powder, while the picturesque landscapes of Griffith Park and Franklin Canyon Park are perfect places to stretch your legs while barely outside the city – lookout for coyotes, bobcats and mule deer. The Los Angeles coast also offers its fair share of wildlife – Harbor Breeze Cruises in Long Beach runs grey whale, dolphin and sea life tours.

    Culture and sophistication

    Los Angeles might have a reputation for fleeting fashions and celebrity-obsession, but that doesn’t mean a shortage of cultured retreats. The Getty Center is a prime example of L.A.’s cultural side; a striking complex that features an impressive art collection in several galleries, an assortment of cutting-edge architecture, and beautifully designed gardens radiating out from a serene pond. For other calming pursuits, check out the Natural History Museum near the centre, or take a drive up Antelope Valley, where there are plenty of opportunities for wine tasting at one of the many vineyards.

    Perfect for kids

    The city could be described as a paradise for children – at least for any child who loves cartoons and rollercoasters. Disneyland Resort in Anaheim is a major highlight, the original theme park designed and built by Walt Disney himself. Universal Studios Hollywood is another crowd-pleaser, where you can easily while away a day on thrilling rides and vintage exhibits. It’s not all coasters and consumerism; education and enlightenment can be found at the California Science Center – home to Space Shuttle Endeavour – and Zimmer Children’s Museum, a wholesome hands-on experience for children up to age eight.

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