Nebraska is a Great Plains midwestern state offering towering dunes, dramatic rock formations, museums, endless outdoor opportunities, art, culture and adventures for adults and kids alike. The Scotts Bluff National Monument in Western Nebraska has over 1,200 hectares of historical trails for hiking, cycling and even horseback riding. Chimney Rock Museum looks at a unique rock formation rising almost 100 metres into the air. The Agate Fossil Beds National Monument provides archaeological sites and hiking trails.

    At the Fort Robinson Museum and History Center, visitors can explore nearly 9,000 hectares of preservation area and a fort dating to the 19th century. The Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum offers an up-close look at dozens of historic aircraft, space vehicles and even missiles. The Omaha Children’s Museum is an exciting chance for kids to get hands-on and learn while playing. Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, not far away, allows visitors to see exotic animals on land, air and sea.

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    • 10 Best Things to Do in Nebraska

      Nebraska is a diverse and fascinating state in the Midwest with a variety of unique attractions, such as the Carhenge roadside display and the famous Chimney Rock National Historic Site. You could find something for everyone in Nebraska, from learning about space travel and global wildlife with the kids to wandering prairie and badland trails to experience early pioneer life...

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