Philadelphia is home to all sorts of shopping opportunities, whether you're looking for the latest trends, stunning discounts, or the classic mall experience. This massive city caters to all crowds and even provides international items, especially around the local Italian markets.

    You'll find high-end boutiques and affordable budget-friendly outlets, so it's just a matter of which shops you want to visit. The local malls are cutting edge with one even sporting a futuristic look to it. Explore the 10 best places to go shopping in Philadelphia.


    Northern Liberties

    Peruse 2nd Street offerings

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    Northern Liberties is a area that’s home to artists and young professionals, and the accompanying shopping opportunities around 2nd Street cater to those interests. Local shops have an aura of authenticity, and you can find handcrafted jewellery and other items by local artists at these locations.

    Travellers looking for antiques will also find everything they need around Northern Liberties. Vintage furniture is especially common, so you can find items for your home with historic flair. You'll find Northern Liberties just north of Old City by the Delaware River east of Poplar.


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    Old City

    Visit the historic district

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    Old City is the historic district of Philly and contains as vast a retail selection as it does historical significance. For the best retail offerings, head to the converted industrial buildings along 2nd and 3rd streets between Race and Market.

    These fashion-forward outlets display the latest trends with chic designs that will put you ahead of the curve. Luxury brands take centre stage here, but you can find more affordable options as well. Old City can be found just east of Centre City along the Delaware River.


    13 St in Midtown Village

    Enjoy some late night shopping

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    13 St in Midtown Village is the place to be if you're looking for late-night shopping, as the local shops are often open late into the evening time. Amongst the shops, you'll find numerous artisan outlets selling hand-poured soaps and custom-made stationery, amongst other fun gifts.

    Additionally, you'll find numerous boutiques around town catering to both the thrifty and the refined, with plenty of crossover amongst both categories. This area is located on the southeastern corner of Penn Square city centre.


    Baltimore Avenue

    See small and local shops

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    Baltimore Avenue is the hub for small and local shops in Philly, as they've honed in on this leafy commercial corridor for your convenience. The various shops render novelty gifts and housewares, but you'll also find plenty of speciality shops including one selling bicycles and another that's a brewery.

    When you plan your visit, keep in mind the Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll that happens twice a year on Baltimore Avenue, where all sorts of businesses line the pavement to offer their wares for just a single dollar. You'll find this street stretching between 40th and 50th through Cedar Park north of The Woodlands.


    East Market Street

    Embrace affordability

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    East Market Street is one of the best areas of the city to find affordable shopping, amongst both national and regional brands in a department store. The department store is called Century 21 and it offers all sorts of exciting deals as its main attraction.

    Century 21 only secures the east end of the district, however, the shopping opportunities stretch from there to Macy's Centre City at 13th Street, which extends some more high-end options. You'll find East Market Street going through Centre City east of Penn Square.


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    East Passyunk Avenue

    Shop internationally

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    East Passyunk Avenue is where the local Italian, Latin, and Asian communities come together to provide unique shopping experiences that you won't find anywhere else in the city. As you explore the unique cultural pieces here, you'll find a satisfying combination of old school and contemporary items, whether you're looking for suits, baby apparel, or jewellery.

    Italian markets are common here, but the South 9th Street Italian Market is the most popular by far. Be sure to head to this street between South Street and South Broad Street to see these impressive international shops.


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    Fashion District

    Enjoy high-end mall shopping

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    Fashion District is a pristine mall with more than 1,000,000 square feet of retail space and 55 different stores and services you can enjoy amongst its 4 floors. This mall is known for bringing shops with a variety of clothing stores amongst most of its inventory to the Centre City market.

    The interior of the mall is known for its vibrant colours with flashy lights on the ceiling and ring lights throughout that give it a futuristic look. You can see it all for yourself in Centre City just a few blocks west of the Liberty Bell.

    Τοποθεσία: 901 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA

    Ώρες λειτουργίας: Monday–Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm, Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm

    Τηλέφωνο: +1 215-925-7162


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    Germantown Avenue

    Enjoy old town charm

    Germantown Avenue is home to ageing cobblestone streets with trolley tracks still laying in them, towering trees along the sides, and numerous small and charming shops. This is a street best explored on foot as you'll find plenty of small shops to spark your interest, like bookshops and cafes.

    Along the street here, you'll often find yourself noticing the alluring smell of baked goods that permeate the area around local bakeries and pastry shops. Kids’ stores are prominent as well, so you can bring the little ones along. This street can be found around Northwest Philadelphia, just north of Fernhill Park.


    Jewellers' Row

    Visit the diamond district

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    Jewellers' Row in Philadelphia is the oldest diamond district in the United States where you'll find a seemingly endless supply of high-end jewellery. Throughout the blocks, you'll find multiple dozens of vendors with unique supplies all reaching the gold standard of jewellery. Keep in mind that Jewellers' Row is quite diverse in its merchandise.

    Whether you're looking for life-long wedding bands or additional accessories to go with your outfit, you'll find what you're looking for. Jewellers' Row is located in Centre City, just north of Washington Square.


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    Shop by the river

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    Fishtown is a area by the Delaware River where you'll find 2 commercial corridors along Frankford and Girard Avenues with local boutiques and art galleries. Girard Avenue is well-established with favourite local shops to peruse, while Frankford Avenue is more recently developed.

    Along Frankford Avenue, you'll find all sorts of clothing boutiques extending trendy and vintage threads alongside independent art galleries with many pristine pieces for sale. You can find it all just east of Olde Kensington by Palmer Park.


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