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Ocean Avenue

Κατάλυμα με 3.5 αστέρια
Εξοχικό 3,5 αστέρων - Gearhart
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395 Ocean Ave, US, Gearhart, OR, 97138

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Ocean Avenue

Ocean Avenue

Ocean Avenue serves up a great beach stay for a crowd, with a spacious ocean-view upper-level with two living and two dining rooms. The five bedrooms, including two king master suites, are arrayed around an expansive, fenced deck punctuated with Adirondack chairs, a barbecue and a fire-table perfect for evenings outdoors. Your guests can happily mingle on plush sofas around the wood fireplace, or retreat to a separate set of sofas and TV on the same floor. You can choose from ocean-view dining at the table for 8, or eat at another table for 6 supplemented by three seats at the breakfast bar adjoining the kitchen. A skylight brings sun to the pretty kitchen, fully equipped for a feast with a walk-in pantry. An ocean-view deck wraps the house for ocean breezes and sunset gazing.

A trail across a pretty meadow takes you to the splendor of quiet Gearhart beach, and the downtown with its quaint shops and restaurants is a five-minute walk. Hop in the car for world-class golf or exploring the whole North Coast, from family fun in Seaside, walks along incredible Cannon Beach, to incredible ocean views from a hike up Neahkahnie Mountain. Call your friends and plan for a stay that will give you several ways—indoors and out—to gather and enjoy the best of the North Coast!


Bedroom 1: One King Bed, One Full Bath
Bedroom 2: One King Bed, One Full Bath
Bedroom 3: One King Bed
Bedroom 4: One King Bed
Bedroom 5: Two Twin Bunk Beds
Hallway: One Full Bathroom
Outdoors: Fire-Table, BBQ

Living Room, Desk
Dining Room
Bonus Room: TV
Hallway: One Full Bathroom

*Each home is individually owned. Amenities and furnishings are subject to change at any time. For questions on this, please contact our office.

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  • Ελάχιστη ηλικία για check-in: 25
  • Ώρα check-out: 11 π.μ.

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Ocean Avenue Gearhart
Ocean Avenue Private vacation home
Ocean Avenue Private vacation home Gearhart

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