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Όλα τα ξενοδοχεία σε δυτικό γιάρμουθ, μΑσΑχουσέτη, ηνωμένΕς πολιτΕίΕς ΑμΕρικής
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Town N Country Family Resort

2 αστέρων2 αστέρων
452 Main Street, Δυτικό Γιάρμουθ, MA, 02673, USA

Μοτέλ με εξωτερική πισίνα και εσωτερική πισίνα - Δυτικό Γιάρμουθ
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Town N Country Family Resort

  • Standard Δωμάτιο
  • Family Σουίτα
  • Standard Δωμάτιο (With Two Park Passes )
  • Gallery Σουίτα
  • Standard Δωμάτιο, 2 Διπλά Κρεβάτια (With Two Park Passes)
  • Δίκλινο Δωμάτιο (Double), Ψυγείο & Φούρνος Μικροκυμάτων, Ισόγειο (With Two Park Passes)

Town N Country Family Resort: Γύρω περιοχή

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  • Ψυγείο
  • Φούρνος μικροκυμάτων
  • Καθημερινές υπηρεσίες οροφοκομίας

Ειδικές πληροφορίες για το Town N Country Family Resort

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    Πρόσφατα σχόλια πελατών

    Πολύ καλό 8,4 Από 158 σχόλια

    Town N Country Family Resort
    Πολύ καλό8,0
    Good home-base
    We don’t normally stay at motels so opting to stay at a motel was strictly a budget decision based on our son’s recent surgery and the looming $4k bill coming our way. Pro: Spacious Location Generally clean but not up to our standards Fridge and microwave Good shower pressure Bathroom renovated Beds pretty comfortable Coupons and brochures in reception Cons: Shallow sink-hard to wash baby bottles Damage to walls not repaired No counter top for women to get ready No elevator (but not advertised to have 1) Sloppy renovation work in bathroom Housekeeping needs to step up their game with a thorough cleaning-seems like the thinking ‘this is good enough’ is all the effort given Walls can seem thin depending how loud neighbors are Couldn’t get the Ac/heater to maintain a proper temp the entire stay Not enough high surfaces to put items, and not baby proofed (would have thought “family” meant family friendly) Drawers too small for storing clothes and closet was open but had adequate hangers for 1 person for a few days No breakfast In general if you need a motel, this is a decent one for a home-base during a stay. We felt safe, good location for walking access to food, beverages, dinner, even gas all within steps of the motel, and short drives to many attractions and other food options and beaches. we opted for no housekeeping during our stay (we were stolen from 10 years ago so we always opt out) exchanged our own towels and emptied our own trash.
    Ένας ταξιδιώτης, usΤαξίδι 3 διανυκτερεύσεων
    Town N Country Family Resort
    Πολύ καλό8,0
    Nice Stay
    Great indoor pool, hot tub was out of order 2 of the days but eventually got fixed. Nice size room but the bathroom was tiny. Good refrigerator, very small cocktail table in front of the couch & it had a nasty burn mark on it. Grounds were nice, small putt-putt min-golf & outdoor charcoal grills were plentiful. Great location. This would be perfect for a family with young kids. Excellent wi-fi connection.
    Robert, usΤαξίδι 3 διανυκτερεύσεων
    Town N Country Family Resort
    Πολύ καλό8,0
    We stayed here many times in the past, the last being two years ago. Nice to see all has been updated. Nicely done!
    Ένας ταξιδιώτης, usΤαξίδι 3 διανυκτερεύσεων
    Town N Country Family Resort
    Great family resort
    Awesome prices, awesome people, would definitely stay again!!!
    Juan, usΤαξίδι 2 διανυκτερεύσεων
    Town N Country Family Resort
    Bad customer service and maid service
    The front desk clerk which was there when j checked in and checked out was so rude y have t go t the front desk for t oh Welsh never any there I paid for 2 rooms that note and the maid she had reddish short hair maybe Haitian was so rude t my son and grandson both rooms had fruit flies all day and nite in each room u no I always book the holly tree resort for 30 years I thought I would give this toy but never again
    Ένας ταξιδιώτης, usΤαξίδι 1 διανυκτέρευσης

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    Town N Country Family Resort

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