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Innsbruck Lodge - Mammoth Lakes

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913 Forest TrailP.O. Box 758, Mammoth LakesCA93546Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες, 442030247879
Εγγύηση ΤιμήςΕγγύηση Τιμής στις κρατήσεις ξενοδοχείων. Αν βρείτε καλύτερη τιμή για την ίδια ακριβώς διαμονή, θα σας προσφέρουμε κι εμείς την ίδια τιμή ή θα σας δώσουμε ένα κουπόνι. Κάντε κλικ παρακάτω για λεπτομέρειες.
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Innsbruck Lodge - Mammoth Lakes

Στοιχεία ξενοδοχείου: 442030247879

από 145€
  • Family Δωμάτιο, 1 Υπνοδωμάτιο (with kitchenette)
  • Standard Δωμάτιο, 2 Διπλά Κρεβάτια
  • Standard Δωμάτιο, 1 King Κρεβάτι
  • Standard Queen
  • Standard Δωμάτιο, 2 Queen Κρεβάτια, Κουζινούλα
  • Σουίτα, 2 Υπνοδωμάτια, Κουζινούλα

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  • Αυτό το ξενοδοχείο διαθέτει 15 δωμάτια


  • Το check-in ξεκινά στις 3 μ.μ.
  • Η καθορισμένη ώρα αναχώρησης (check-out) είναι 11 π.μ.
Seasonal Road Closure Notice: HWY 120 (Tioga Pass) generally closes for the winter from late October through late May. Daily closures can also occur during periods of inclement weather in spring and fall. The Eastern entrance to Yosemite National Park is located 45 minutes from Mammoth Lakes. Yosemite's Eastern Gate or Tuolumne Meadows is not accessible when Tioga Pass is closed. All other Yosemite National Park entrances are open year round. Guests are advised to check local road conditions/closures before travel with the California Department of Transportation at www.dot.ca.gov or by calling 800-427-7623.
An adult age 18 or older must assume all liability for the booking.

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  • Innsbruck Lodge
  • Innsbruck Lodge Mammoth Lakes
  • Innsbruck Mammoth Lakes
  • The Innsbruck Hotel Mammoth Lakes


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  • Innsbruck Lodge
  • Innsbruck Lodge Mammoth Lakes
  • Innsbruck Mammoth Lakes
  • The Innsbruck Hotel Mammoth Lakes


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Πρόσφατα σχόλια πελατών

Πολύ καλό 4,5 /5 from 21 reviews

Innsbruck Lodge - Mammoth Lakes
Μέτριο2,0 / 5
Downfalls not worth the premium price
First off, I usually don't write reviews unless I feel the average is way off. I voiced my concern to the woman at the front desk about the rooms being noisy, as I'd seen in the reviews. I asked if I could have an upper level room. Since it was the first big ski weekend at Mammoth, nothing else was available. Sure enough, every step the people above me took sounded like they were clunking around in my room. I could even hear them talking. They also got up early and started clunking around again. The floor to ceiling windows which faced east did not have blackout curtains, so I was up when the sun rose! Since the main purpose of staying in a hotel is to be able to sleep, these were major hindrances to having an enjoyable stay. The room stank of musk, kind of like bad body odor. The toilet seat was broken, which they promptly fixed. I did a little test one day and left hair in the shower drain. It was still there that night after the maid had been there. One of the main reasons I chose this hotel is it has a hot tub. Well, I opened the cover and took one look/sniff of that and said no thanks! It was absolutely disgusting, cloudy and dank smelling water. I've owned a hot tub, so I know how they are supposed to be maintained. So no hot tub either. The only reason this doesn't get one star is that the woman who runs the place is nice, the bed was comfortable, and the location just a few minutes walk to the village was very convenient.
Ταξίδι 3 διανυκτερεύσεων
Innsbruck Lodge - Mammoth Lakes
Πολύ καλό4,0 / 5
Wonderful room, noisy guest
Quaint European style lodge. Big, clean, comfortable room with kitchenette. Walking distance to Village restaurants/shops. Unfortunately, inconsiderate guests checked in at 10:40 to room above ours and made terrible banging, dropping, clomping noises until almost 1am, then again at 6am. We got little sleep. If you stay here, ask for a top floor room.
Ρομαντικό ταξίδι 1 διανυκτέρευσης
Innsbruck Lodge - Mammoth Lakes
Άριστο5,0 / 5
The cutest little lodge! We loved it! The owners were very nice, it was quiet and homey!
Ρομαντικό ταξίδι 1 διανυκτέρευσης
Innsbruck Lodge - Mammoth Lakes
Άριστο5,0 / 5
Lovely chalet
Absolutely lovely place. Homey, clean, and good vibes!
Ρομαντικό ταξίδι 1 διανυκτέρευσης
Innsbruck Lodge - Mammoth Lakes
Πολύ καλό4,0 / 5
Good and clean lodge!
Excellent stay. The room was in great conditions. It is a pity that the hotel does not provide breakfast and you have to go somewhere else to get it.
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Innsbruck Lodge - Mammoth Lakes

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