Calgary sits in the south of the Canadian province of Alberta, at the junction between the Great Plains and the foothills that lead into the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Settled on the banks of the Bow and Elbow Rivers, Calgary is an important commercial and touristic hub, renowned for its high quality of life.

One of the largest cities in Canada, its rich historic heritage is retained through large events such as the Calgary Stampede held every July and claimed by some to be, “the greatest outdoor show on earth”. Home to notable buildings such as Fort Calgary, the Bow and the Grain Exchange, the city centre blends past and present in style. Strolling along the riverside, visiting the Heritage Park Historical Village and shopping on 17th Avenue are just a few of the cool things to do in Calgary.

Calgary: Τι να δείτε και τι να κάνετε

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Calgary: Πού και τι να φάτε

Calgary: Πού να ψωνίσετε και τι να αγοράσετε

  • 10 Best Places to Go Shopping in Calgary

    The best places to go shopping in Calgary range from neighbourhoods packed with independent stores and restaurants to expansive malls offering international brands. You can also find plenty of local markets that usually operate on weekends, with dozens of vendors selling fresh produce and speciality items from across Alberta.   Calgary is widely known for its agriculture and oil industry, so...

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Calgary: Πού να πάτε και τι να κάνετε το βράδυ

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