Lasithi is a region on the eastern side of Crete with several major towns and offering seaside resorts, mountain hikes and views, outdoor adventure and deep history. The Toplou Monastery offers local vintage wine in a historic monastery. The fortress island of Nisida Spinalonga allows you to view the remains of a former leper colony, while the Malia Palace Archaeological Site gives visitors the chance to explore the mysterious and ancient pre-Greek, pre-Roman Minoan culture of which very little is left today. 

More Minoan ruins can be explored in Gournia Minoan Town, which has been fully excavated. Picturesque beaches abound like Voulisma Beach, Sitia Beach, the isle of Chrysi and Vai Beach. To immerse yourself in Greek mythology, visit Diktaion Andron, the cave where mythology states that Zeus was born. Nature experiences can be found at Ha Gorge, Amazonas Park and Pelekita Cave. At the Archaeological Museum of Sitia, you will learn all about the history of this island and region.

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  • 10 Best Things to Do This Summer in Lasithi

    This guide details the best things to do this summer in Lasithi. Covering the easternmost section of the island, Crete's quietest and most unspoiled region is full of palm-fringed beaches, woodland waterfalls, sun-baked vineyards, and remote archaeological sites. Sink into a sun lounger and work on your tan, or try snorkelling, diving, or windsurfing in the clear blue waters. Summer in...

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