Istanbul, in northwestern Türkiye, is the only city in the world that spans 2 continents and is a constantly evolving cosmopolitan crossroad. From magnificent mosques to mouthwatering meze, from ancient architecture to contemporary clubs, you’ll be mesmerized by the dazzling array of cultural experiences on offer.

No trip to Istanbul would be complete without a visit to the Grand Bazaar, one of the oldest and largest covered markets in the world. The city is also home to the Egyptian Bazaar, packed with colourful, aromatic spices, not to mention the gargantuan Istanbul Cevahir—one of Europe’s largest shopping malls.

Istanbul: Τι να δείτε και τι να κάνετε

Κύριες ιστορίες και ενδιαφέροντα άρθρα

Things to do in Istanbul include a wide range of spiritual and historic sites, art and culture, a vibrant culinary tradition, museums and incredible shopping to thrill anyone. The Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque are two of the most popular spiritual sites, dating to the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires.The Topkapi Palace Museum offers documents, ephemera, artefacts and exhibits tracing the history of the city in a building dating to...

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Istanbul: Πού και τι να φάτε

Food and dining in Istanbul offer the opportunity to experience the heart and soul of Turkish culture through food with a fusion of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Asian flavours. Restaurants here offer iconic kebabs and mezes, but street food like döner and simit are essential to Turkish culinary tradition. These can be had at takeaway stands and trucks across the city. You'll want to experience Turkish coffee and Turkish Delight, which...

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Istanbul: Πού να ψωνίσετε και τι να αγοράσετε

Shopping in Istanbul takes many forms, from large shopping centres to covered markets and free-standing independent boutique gift and souvenir shops. The Grand Bazaar is one of the largest and oldest markets of its kind in the entire world, encompassing 61 covered streets and more than 4,000 shops. It's often considered among the finest shopping malls in the world.Misir Çarşısı is also a massive covered market, this one located in...

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Istanbul: Πού να πάτε και τι να κάνετε το βράδυ

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    This guide to the best things to do after dinner in Istanbul gives you a varied taste of Turkish nightlife. This bustling city is full of activities, performances, bars and more. From relaxing cocktails and shisha on the water to rollicking nightclubs and markets, your nights are bound to result in great memories. You’ll also get to see some of Istanbul’s...

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    Our Istanbul Travel Essentials lays out the essential information you need to help plan your trip to one of the most popular destinations in Türkiye. No matter how frequently you travel, some questions will always need answers: What’s the weather like? How can I get from the airport to my hotel? What currency and type of plug do I need?...

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