Shepherd's Hut with wood fired hot tub near Bath

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Shepherd's Hut with wood fired hot tub near Bath

Εξοχικό - Trowbridge
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Trowbridge, ENG

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Shepherd's Hut with wood fired hot tub near Bath

The Rumple Hut is nestled in the kitchen garden of a row of Georgian cottages in a small village on the Wiltshire/Somerset border.

It is only a 20 minute drive from Bath city centre and six minute drive from Bradford on Avon train station.

The Rumple Hut has its own car parking space, entrance and private areas, including a purposely built wood fired hot tub area, which The Rumple Hut's guests have exclusive use of.

The Rumple Hut also has a king size bed and ensuite shower room.
The space
The Rumple Hut is a purpose built Shepherd's Hut which we have had built to sit at the end of our kitchen garden, under the ash tree and nestled next to the forager's hedgerow.

Although an unassuming hut from the outside, clad in traditional wriggly tin, a different story awaits you on the inside. We have tried to include everything that a guest could want from their stay, from the king size bed and its Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress to the wood fired hot tub.

The Rumple Hut is large for a Shepherd's Hut and has a powerful wood burning stove at its heart. It acts as an oven, hob and heater for the Hut. There’s nothing better than waking up and preparing your morning cup of coffee over flame but we also offer a two hob induction hob if you are in a rush. We provide all the seasoned wood and kindling you will need for the burner throughout your stay.

Food is important to us, it’s one of the reasons we have put the Hut in the kitchen garden and we know how important it is for people to be able to cook when they are away, especially in a region with such great local ingredients. That’s why, even though space is limited, we have tried to provide everything you will need in the kitchen for your stay; a Belfast sink, small fridge, kitchen equipment and terrazzo dining table, which is the perfect size for an intimate supper for two. However, if there are things that you need please don’t feel the need to bring them with you, just ask us and we’ll make sure they are waiting for you on your arrival.

After eating we know you need to relax. In the hut there is a two person velvet loveseat or the bed to lie on and watch a movie from your laptop via our projector.

Or perhaps you want to relax outside in a wood fired hot tub. Our hot tub, in its own private area, stays warm for hours and believe me you may well stay in there for that long. Be aware that good things come to those that wait and the hot tub takes around 3 hours to get up to temperature. However, we are happy to light the fire to get it ready for you arrival, so you can jump straight in. We provide all the wood and will get it prepared for one hot tub per stay, but remember, it does stay hot for hours. If you want more than one we are happy to provide more wood for a small extra cost.

Outside the hut are two small areas to sit, planted with new fruit trees that when mature, guests will be able to help themselves. At the moment there are only flower beds separating the hut from the gardens so if you’re thinking about bringing your dog, please be aware of this.

If you need anymore information please contact us, we look forward to hosting you. Anthony and Bianca
Guest access
We realise in these times it's important to be and feel safe. You can access the Rumple hut and its private area of the gardens from your own space in the car park. We can either greet you with masks from a safe social distance or, if you prefer, we can just leave the key in the door. The choice is yours!

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Shepherd's Hut with wood fired hot tub near Bath Trowbridge

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