Maryland is an eastern Mid-Atlantic state marked by its many waterways, famed Chesapeake Bay, association with military history, museums, arts and cultural institutions. The Chesapeake Bay is famous for its crab industry, beachfront, and long scenic Bay Bridge. At Fort McHenry, visitors will explore Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and see the place where the U.S. National Anthem was written during the War of 1812. Also along the Inner Harbor is the Maryland Science Center with its many hands-on technology exhibits and the National Aquarium, where you’ll have up-close experiences with a wide variety of exotic sea life.

The Baltimore Museum of Art showcases a collection of thousands of works of art, from paintings and drawings to sculpture and multimedia ranging from the 19th century to the modern-day. Bibliophiles and historians will enjoy the George Peabody Library, a research library in stately surroundings dating to the 19th century. Antietam National Battlefield features a monument and a recreational park, while the B&O Railroad Museum shows off the past in the railroad industry with rides on restored historic trains.

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Maryland: Τι να δείτε και τι να κάνετε

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Maryland: Πού και τι να φάτε

Maryland: Πού να ψωνίσετε και τι να αγοράσετε

Maryland: Πού να πάτε και τι να κάνετε το βράδυ

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