New Hampshire is a New England state famed for its quaint small towns, vast wilderness expanses, national forests and mountain resorts, as well as family attractions. Franconia Notch State Park offers recreational activities and natural world scenery in a mountain pass. At the same time, Gunstock Mountain Resort has a mountainside roller coaster and tubing and skiing activities. Mount Washington is a famous mountain known for its extreme weather and upscale resorts with elegant rooms, golfing and spa treatments. Other mountain resorts here provide skiing, snowboarding, ziplines and tubing with family-friendly amenities.

The Mount Washington Cog takes travellers on scenic train rides to the mountain peak. For a wild family experience, Story Land offers an amusement park experience with fun rides, games, food and live entertainment, all themed around fairy tales. Historical attractions include the Hood Museum of Artin Dartmouth, the living history museum at Strawbery Banke with its costumed characters, America’s Stonehenge and Madame Sherri Forest with dog-friendly hiking and ancient ruins.

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